Hull York Medical School

Faculty of Science and Engineering University of Hull
Hull has one of the highest incidences and mortality from cancer in the country. The University of Hull has, therefore decided to set up a Joint Centre for Cancer Studies to facilitate multidisciplinary research in this area. Initially, this will be between the Faculty of Science & Engineering and HYMS but will be open to members of other faculties who have an interest in cancer research. The purpose of the centre will be to foster and promote translational research.

The Queen's Centre at Castle Hill Hospital provides a large resource for clinical research and has been awarded a Level 5 Macmillan Quality Environment Mark, the highest mark available.  A short video with information on the Queen's Centre is available to watch here.

A BIOMEDICAL research centre made possible by a £1.5m donation from Dr Assem Allam has opened at the University of Hull.  The centre, called the Allam Building, houses two research centres focusing on cardiovascular diseases and cancer.   A further donation by the Daisy Appeal has helped with the purchase of two mini cyclotrons, proton-accelerating machines for use in medical applications. One machine is sited at the University for research and is already in use by the Chemistry Department.  A second cyclotron, which will be based at Castle Hill Hospital will be in situ in 2016 and is the second phase of the charity's fund raising campaign; the first part was completed earlier this year and saw the opening of the Jack Brignall PET-CT Scanning Centre on the Castle Hill Hospital site in July 2014 by the Rt Hon Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone.