Hull York Medical School



The Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research brings together research expertise to tackle heart failure, diabetes and blood-related disorders, and is lead by Professor Alyn H Morice. The Centre is based within the medical school but profits from strong collaborative links with Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Hull. With 18 research active academic staff and X post-graduate researchers, we are the largest clinical and biomedical research centre in the Medical school and our parent universities. We are able to offer a range of undergraduate and post-graduate training opportunities including the study of both PhD and MD degrees.

The aim of the Centre is to exploit our unique combination of research expertise in basic and clinical sciences to produce a cohesive multidisciplinary, translational approach to medical research. Our research focuses on identifying novel biochemical, molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to the development of cardio–metabolic diseases and translating these in findings in clinical benefits.

Our basic and clinical scientists have a wide variety or research interests that are grouped into three major areas, cardiovascular biology and medicine, diabetes and metabolic health, and haemostasis, thrombosis and inflammation.