Hull York Medical School


Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research

The Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (CCMR) brings together the expertise of the classic medical disciplines in an integrated and translational research programme and is led by Professor Alyn H Morice .  The particular strengths of CCMR lie in:  The epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.   The HONEI project is examining the relationship of obesity, diabetes and nutrition.  The study of coagulation and platelet biology provide a vital linking discipline with these and other areas such as vascular surgery and fibrotic lung disease.  The bench to bedside nature of the research is illustrated by the breadth of studies from the molecular pharmacology of novel human cough receptors, to our excellent track record in clinical trials and our leading role in telehealth in chronic disease.

The Daisy Building provides the central hub for translation of research and clinical practice at Castle Hill Hospital in the disciplines of cardiology and respiratory medicine.  In the Allam Research Laboratories facilities are located for basic molecular and cellular work linking with our Hull Royal laboratories in obesity and vascular disease.  

The Centre is a partnership between HYMS and research groups from the following organisations: