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Haemostasis is the term given to the processes that cause the clotting of blood after damage to blood vessels. It controlled by several inter-related factors including structural elements of the blood vessel wall, proteins circulating in the blood and blood platelets.  In some individuals defective haemostasis leads to life threatening bleeding and is often caused by either platelet abnormalities or reduction in platelet number (thrombocytopenia). While common diseases such a diabetes, hypertension, obesity and associated with unregulated platelet activity leading to arterial thrombosis. Our two major areas of interest are

1.    Understanding process of platelet formation from megakaryocytes in health and disease

2.    Determining new biochemical and molecular mechanisms that regulate platelet function. 

Research in this area is performed by an integrated team of post-doctoral scientists, PhD and MD students that utilise multidisciplinary approaches to identify new mechanisms regulating platelet  and megakaryocyte function.  


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