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CMC Vellore update - Matthew Goss

30 September 2014
Below is an update from one of our students Matthew Goss who is currently taking his elective at CMC Vellore in India. For more information on our International links with CMC Vellore, please see:

During my elective in India I have experienced a variety of different clinical encounters, ward settings and medical facilities. A particularly fascinating part of this was the opportunity I had to observe the paediatric casualty unit at CMC hospital Vellore. The unit itself consisted of 2 main wards and a triage area. The two wards were split into major and minor cases with the primary resuscitation area situated on the major ward. With such a high demand on the doctors and staff it was very insightful to witness how they coped with a high work load yet still delivered a high quality of care. One example I witnessed was with a senior registrar who was taking the care of 6 year old female suffering from hydrocephalus. The doctor, noticing the patient and family were quite distressed, was able to fully explain what was happening and the treatment regime being offered yet at the time he was able to organise the rest of his team to cope with high rate of patients still on the ward. Before coming to India I was unclear on the level and organisation of the health care that was available to patients. From this experience in paediatric casualty it is clear that all patients, irrespective of income, have the ability to access a standard of care that would not look out of place in many western cities.