Hull York Medical School


HYMS student Olivia Smith publishes book

30 January 2015
Fourth year HYMS medical student Olivia Smith has made a fantastic achievement of publishing a book entitled Mind Maps for Medical Students, with a foreword from Colin Jones, Associate Dean for Assessment. 

The book is designed in line with medical course structure and specifically with medical students in mind to help them memorize essential clinical facts that are invaluable throughout medical studies and is particularly useful in the pressured run-up to final exams. It contains over 100 maps organised by body system, with a concluding section of miscellaneous examples. 

Mind maps are an established tool in education and are known to improve memory recall among students. However the book is also flexible, which makes it ideal when preparing to study a topic for the first time, when reviewing a module or making project or revision plans. The maps can also be used as a guide for students to create their own.