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Educational Workshops, Presentations, Keynotes and Posters

(Peer reviewed and invited)

Please find below details of the Centre for Education Developments recent educational workshops, presentations, keynotes and posters.

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Sawdon M, Chaytor A, Finn GM, McLachlan JC (2014). "What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence": measuring conscientiousness in health care settings. OTTAWA conference, Ottawa, Canada. April 2014.

Munro D, Bore M, Finn GM (2014). Correlates of a behavioural measure of conscientiousness. OTTAWA conference, Ottawa, Canada. April 2014. 

Smith CF, Finn GM, Stewart J, McHanwell S (2014). Presentation: A validated anatomy syllabus for medical students. The 18th Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists. Beijing, China. August 2014.

Finn GM, Ajjawi R, Hafferty F, Pawlina W (2014). Medical students' metaphoric talk about their professional identities: Superman, robots and baggage. AMEE, Milan. August 2014. 

Carter M, Finn GM, Hesselgreaves H, Tiffin P (2014). The predictive validity of a non-cognitive self-report measure: preliminary findings from piloting of the personal qualities assessment within the UK clinical aptitude test. INReSH conference, London. November 2014. 

Kardasz A, Cross J and Drew-Brown S (2014). Poster presentation: HYMS Widening participation Summer School 2013: The participants' perspective. ASME, Brighton. July 2014.

Cox PG, Kardasz A, Bazira P (2014). Action research: exploring a constructivist approach to teaching basic science. Does this benefit student learning? ASME, Brighton. July 2014. 

McKendree J (2014). Invited research seminar: Developing and assessing interprofessional teamworking in medical students and junior doctors. Medical Sciences Education Development, Newcastle University. April 2014.

Whiting D (2014). Have you changed? European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions Inaugural Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. July 2014. 

Cross JKardasz A (2013). Presentation: Summer School: a residential programme for widening participation. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Cross J, Kardasz A (2013). Presentation: Problem based learning and widening participation. HEA Health and Social Care 2013 Annual Conference, Leeds. June 2013.

Docherty P, Brown A, Henderson JMcKendree J, Taylor N (2013). Presentation: Self-regulated learning in physical examination skills development in the later years of an undergraduate medical course. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Henderson JCookson J, McCrorie P (2013). Presentation: Using the experience of others to manage the setting up of new medical schools or courses. Association for Medical Education in Europe annual conference. Prague, August 2013.

Pearson, D. (2013). Invited speaker and workshop leader: An exploration of the clinical learning environment: what are lessons for primary care educators? University of Bristol. June 2013.

Pearson, D. (2013). Invited lecture: How can primary care contribute to the medical undergraduate curriculum? Lecture to Deans of the Norwegian Medical Schools, June 2013.

Pearson, D. (2013). Invited lecture: Primary care and its contribution to medical education. St John's Medical & Nursing College, Bangalore. January 2013.

Pearson D, Thompson, Barna (2013). Workshop: Educating for sustainable healthcare - National consultation on learning outcomes. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Pearson D, Slade M (2013). Presentation: Patient perceptions of educational involvement in outpatient departments. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Pettigrew A, Dobson-Davies C (2013). Workshop: Successfully enhancing the efficacy of a postgraduate blended learning programme for national and international participants. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Sihota SBrown A (2013). Exploring preparation for professional practice through Bourdieu's theory of practice. ASME, Edinbugh, July 2013.

Whiting D.McKendree J., & Henderson J. (2013). Presentation: The role and importance of self-regulation of emotion in medical students. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013.

Taylor N.Brown AMcKendree JHenderson J (2013). Presentation: An analysis of the effectiveness of tutor-supported academic discussion forums for medical students using telecommunication technology. ASME, Edinburgh. July 2013

Hammond A with Henderson J. Clinical Reasoning in Medicine:  Developing students’ meta-cognitive skillsUniversity of York Teaching and Learning Conference May 2012.

Hammond A with Henderson J & Pettigrew A.     

Investing in a powerful resource: the positive educational and clinical impact of effective practitioner-tutor development.  Showcase University of York Teaching and Learning Conference, May 2012

Hammond A with Henderson J. Optimising student experience: an innovative and integrated tutor support and development programme,  ASME July 2012[JMcK2] .

Hammond A with Henderson J. Clinical Reasoning in Medicine: Developing students’ meta-cognitive skills, ASME July 2012[JMcK3] .

Henderson J with Hammond A Professional delivery of Problem Based Learning Interactive workshop,ASME July 2012

Hammond A with Henderson J. Clinical Reasoning in the undergraduate medical curriculum: HEA funded national workshop York. October 2012

McKendree, J. Invited full day workshop: Faculty on ASME Researching Medical Educational Masterclass Workshop, ASME Annual Meeting, Brighton, July 2012.

McKendree, J. Workshop: Using Personal Construct Psychology Methods to Identify and Measure the Skills, Competencies and Values Needed by Medical Educators, with Dr Nick Reed and Dr Trish McGettigan, ASME Annual Meeting, Brighton, July 2012.

McKendree, J. Invited workshop: Beginning Research: Writing a Research Question, with Dr Jane Stewart, Programme Director of PGCE, Newcastle, ASME and Institute of Education Conference on Researching Medical Education, London, Nov 2010; Nov 2012.

McKendree J. Invited Panel: Promoting Awareness of Meta-cognitive and Self-Regulated Learning Skills in Medical Students through Problem-Based Learning and Appraisals. European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Annual Meeting on Metacognition, Milan, Sept 2012.

Pettigrew A, Melville C. Workshop: Supporting colleagues. Learning and teaching: commitment under pressure. University of York Learning and Teaching Conference, May 2012.

Walpole, SC – Presentation: “Interventions for treating Muslim patients with depression”, International Mixed Methods conference, Leeds, Jul 2012.

Walpole, SC - Presentation: “Today’s healthcare; Tomorrow’s Health: Teaching at Leeds Medical School”, Inaugural Festival of Public health, May 2012. (second author)

Walpole, SC – Presentation: Sustainability audit in primary care, presented at Whitby group practice doctors (Mar 2012) and staff meeting (Apr 2012) and at York Hospital (Jun 2012)

Sihota S, Blaney D, Brown AK. Do Student Assistantships[JMcK4]  Help Prepare Final Year Students to Manage Acutely Ill Patients? AMEE 2011

Sihota S, Blaney D, Brown AK. Do Student Assistantships Help Achieve Practical Skills Outcomes from Tomorrow’s Doctors? ASME 2011

Hammond A - Employing students’ multilingualism and language diversity and Introducing Peer Physical Examination Fourth International Clinical Skills Conference Prato, Italy May 2011(with see below)

Hammond A - Doctors as Patients UK Council Communication Conference March 2011 (with Collins S, Watt I and Thomas K)

Hammond with Asghar A & Henderson J - Introducing Peer Physical Examination SCSN September 2010

Henderson J & Hammond A - Fourth International Clinical Skills Conference Prato Italy 2011 Workshop:"Developing approaches to improving professionalism in undergraduate medical students"

Lewis, J. & Henderson, J. (2011) Symbiotic faculty development and implementation of a two-tier medical education. Berlin, HRK German Rectors' Conference. (27.10.2011)

McKendree J. Keynote: What makes a good FY1 doctor?  Developing a tool to assess multidisciplinary teamworking. Annual Medical Education Meeting, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Nov 2011.

Thompson T, Pencheon D, Pearson DJ, Stancliffe R & Dorward J. Green your practice: cutting carbon, cutting costs Workshop at RCGP Annual Conference 2011

Pearson DJ & Wass V (2011) Primary care in the undergraduate curriculum.

Workshop (by invitation). RCGP Medical Educators Conference 2011

Pearson DJ, Nicholson S,  Alexander-White S. Ensuring Quality Assurance within Primary Care Teaching Practices. Workshop; SAPC 2011

Rushforth B, Kirby J, Nagal C, Pearson DJ GP registrars as teachers: a comparison of GP registrars’ and GP trainers’ views. Oral Presentation; SAPC 2011

Pettigrew A Expanding clinical research across geographical boundaries - University of Leeds February 2011.

Pettigrew A Enhancing Impact of Training/Teaching Interventions  Birmingham Conference. May 2011

Walpole SC – Presentation: Association for the Study of Medical Education, conference workshop, Birmingham, Oct 2011 

Henderson J - Poster presentations at ASME Aberdeen 2007, FELT conference UoY 2010, UoH annual conference 2010, HYMS annual conferences etc.

Kardasz, A. M., Henderson, J., & Lewis, J. (2010) Learning in Research mode through enquiry-based learning via Curriculum Design. Presentation at the Learning and Teaching Conference, Jan, the University of Hull.

Lewis, J. & Henderson, J. (2010) Achieving Connections Using Total Integration in a New United Kingdom Medical School. Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies; Connecting people, ideas and communities. Sao Paulo, Pan-American Network of Problem-Based Learning.

Lewis, J. & Henderson, J (2010) An implementation of PBL in medical education using practicing clinicians who are also professional educators and educationalists. Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies; Connecting people, ideas and communities. Sao Paulo, Brazil, Pan-American Network of Problem-Based Learning.

McKendree, J. (July 2010) Invited workshop: Synthesizing Qualitative Research: Towards a Method for Educational Research, With Andrew Booth, Director of Information at the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield. ASME Annual General Meeting, Cambridge.

McKendree, J. (November, 2010) Invited workshop: Beginning Research: Writing a Research Question, with Dr Jane Stewart, Programme Director of PGCE, Newcastle, ASME and Institute of Education Conference on Researching Medical Education, London,

Pearson, DJ & Lucas B. The anatomy of a primary care teaching practice.  Presentation at ASME ASM 2010.

Lucas, B & Pearson, DJ. Patient perceptions of involvement in medical student teaching within primary care. Presentation at ASME ASM 2010

Pearson, DJ & Lucas B. Engagement and opportunity: a new model of clinical learning

Poster presentation at SAPC Annual Conference 2010

Kirby J, Rushforth B & Pearson DJ.  GP registrars taking on teaching roles: a postal survey of GP trainers and GP programme directors.

Rushforth B, Pearson, DJ, Bardgett R: Teaching Paediatrics in primary care – an evaluation of a pilot programme for fourth year medical students in Leeds. Poster presentation at SAPC Annual Conference 2010

Walpole, SC – Presentation: Emerging sustainability conference, “Lessons from Education”, Royal Society, Dec 2010

Walpole, SC – Presentation: BMA Junior Members Forum, “A place for health”, plenary presentation, Newcastle, Mar 2010 

Henderson J, McKendree J. Invited workshop: Designing an integrated programme to promote self-directed learning, communication skills, and professionalism, Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavioural Science and Medical Education (ABSAME), Santa Fe, NM, Oct 2009

McKendree J. Chair and Organiser of Student Conference: Integrating Teaching about Teaching and Leadership in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum, Northern Medical Schools PPD Consortium, York, March 2009.

McKendree J, Henderson J Co-organiser of workshop: Behavioural and Social Science in Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009 at the Annual General Meeting of Behavioural and Social Science Teaching in Medicine (BeSST), London, October 2009.

McKendree J. Invited workshop: Beginning Research: Writing a Research Question, with Dr Jane Stewart, Programme Director of PGCE, Newcastle, ASME and Institute of Education Conference on Researching Medical Education, London, November, 2009.

Walpole, SC. – Presentation: Global Forum for Health Research parallel session, Climate change policy and health equity, November 2009

Walpole, SC. Presentation: Climate and Health Council Summit, speaker during main session, May 2009, BMA house.

Walpole, SC. Presentation: Natural and unnatural synergies, UK Public Health Association annual conference, Jul 2009