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Please find below details of the Centre for Education Developments grants.

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Brown AK, Scott P, Oliver S, Pearson D - Embedding Technology Enhanced Learning into the Hull York Medical School undergraduate medical curriculum
Higher Education Funding Council for England, Changing the Learning Landscape Programme, March 2013
5 days consultancy
Pearson DJ - NHS FSF Grant:  NHS Leeds £44,040  
How does educational activity in practice link to clinical care quality? FSF funding with an aim to develop an NIHR RfPB bid with partners in the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, exploring whether involvement with education is associated with high quality clinical practice. Systematic literature review; reworking of national data and mixed methods exploration of association, mechanisms of association or possible causation. 

McKendree J £300
Association for the Study of Medical Education Annual Meeting, July 2012, Higher Education Academy Travel Grant.
McKendree J, Booth J, Nettleton S. £4518
Content analysis of students’ perceptions of clinical placement from reflective essays and feedback to clinical tutors, University of York Learning and Teaching Projects Fund, July 2010 – January 2011

McKendree J, Scott P £19,968
Accredited Clinical Teaching Open Resources (ACTOR), HEFCE/JISC/Academy Open Educational Resources Grant, partner institution on project led by Medev Subject Centre, August 2010 – July 2011
Janine Henderson - Learning and Teaching Project Fund University of York: £4500
Project for the training of simulated patients in the delivery of psychiatric scenarios and the development of materials including a DVD resource for examinations in mental health and new scenarios. Poster presented at FELT 2010
McKendree J £940
Student Conference in Integrating Teaching about Teaching and Leadership in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum, University or York Learning and Teaching Projects Fund, Dec 2008 -March 2009.

McKendree J, Lagopoulos M. £1634
Enhancing opportunistic anatomy teaching with colour copyboards, University of York Rapid Response Fund, February 2008
McKendree J £2595 
Undergraduate Medical Students’ Perceptions of Reflective Learning in the Curriculum, HEA Subject Centre Funding, NPPD Consortium Research Group, May 2007

McKendree J, Jones L, Asghar A. £2117
Training in cascading and integrating diversity and equality learning outcomes throughout the curriculum, University of York Teaching Innovation Fund, April 2007. 

McKendree J, £24,552 Grace S.
Developing a Blended Learning Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of York Continuing Professional Development Fund, June 2007-May 2008.