Hull York Medical School


Supportive care, Early Diagnosis and Advanced disease (SEDA) research group

The University of Hull’s SEDA Research Group (Supportive care, Early Diagnosis and Advanced disease) is Directed by Prof Miriam Johnson, Professor of Palliative Medicine, and Prof Una Macleod, Professor of Primary Care Medicine.  Una is currently undertaking a 4-year tenure as Dean of HYMS and in her absence Dr Judith Dyson, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, will be taking on the role of Interim Co-Director of the SEDA Research Group.

The Research Group includes Professor Fliss Murtagh, Professor of Palliative Care, Dr Ivana Markova, Reader in Psychiatry, Dr Jason Boland, Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine, Dr Julie Seymour, Reader in Medical Sociology Dr Demian Whiting, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Professionalism and Dr Pia Wohland, Lecturer in Health Inequalities.   

We work closely with colleagues in CHaPS and other colleagues in the Universities of Hull and York. Our overall aim is to apply rigorous health service research methods to understanding issues related to cancer diagnosis, supportive care, advanced disease and end of life issues.

Prof Miriam Johnson is particularly interested in advanced heart failure, breathlessness and venous thromboembolism in advanced disease, and Prof Una Macleod in cancer and primary care and health inequalities. Prof Miriam Johnson is also Director of the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre which sits within SEDA. 

Other colleagues in CHaPS with whom we collaborate include Ian Watt, Steven Oliver, Eve Roman, Victoria Allgar and Simon Gilbody.

More information about research taking place within SEDA can be found here