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Welcome to the Daisy Tumour Bank

The Daisy Tumour Bank (DTB) has been funded by Hull York Medical School (HYMS). The DTB has been set up to create various collections of human samples to share with researchers, thus providing a resource of biological material to facilitate ethically approved cancer research. It is hoped that research will improve understanding and knowledge of cancer, to benefit patients in the future.

The DTB aims to collect human tissue and blood samples from patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of cancer, undergoing procedures at Castle Hill Hospital in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The DTB acquired a Human Tissue Authority licence in 2015 to enable to the legal storage of human material.  The Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has given their approval of the bank to enable collection of biological material and associated data.

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Prof Mike LindI am very happy that we have established a Tumour Bank in the Daisy Building under the auspices of the Hull York Medical School. The Tumour Bank will allow cancer researchers, both inside and outside the University of Hull, ready access to tumour material to underpin and enhance their research. It will greatly facilitate the ability of the Joint Centre for Cancer Studies within Hull to perform high class translational research.

The DTB facility is located on site at Castle Hill Hospital, to enable timely collection of samples. The facility is housed within a secure facility with restricted access.

Tube scanning

The majority of patient samples are snap frozen in liquid nitrogen at collection then immediately transferred into -80 °C freezers for long term storage. Blood samples are processed immediately then stored at -80 °C. The bank can hold in excess of 80,000 samples.

Maintenance of sample integrity is extremely important, consequently sample storage facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and contingency arrangements are in place to prevent
loss of precious samples. Samples are stored in Liquid nitrogen durable, unique 2D bar-coded cryovials, which enable robust sample traceability whilst maintaining patient confidentiality.

Staff at the DTB adhere to strict standard operating procedures in order to maintain sample integrity and patient confidentiality, in accordance with the Human Tissue Act 2004, Human Tissue Authority Codes of Practice and the Data Protection Act 1998.


The DTB operates in accordance with the Human Tissue Act 2004. Day-to-day activities are discussed at the HTA Compliance Team meetings. Issues which cannot be resolved by this team or require escalation are referred to Hull York Medical School (HYMS) Board and/or Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Hospitals NHS Trust Board. Further details of the DTB reporting structure and compliance mechanisms can be found below: 

Governance diagram

HTA Compliance Team
The HTA Compliance Team meets on a regular basis to discuss the day to day running of the DTB, including licensable activities, health & safety, adverse events and training. The HTA Compliance Team aims to identify and resolve any potential or existing issues efficiently and effectively.

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Human Tissue Authority Committee
The DTB team is a member of the local Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Committee, whose role is responsibility for the management of Trust-wide HTA issues to maintain compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2004.


Hull York Medical School Board & Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Board
The DTB governance structure allows escalation of any relevant issues via the University of Hull and/or HEY NHS Trust hierarchies to either Hull York Medical School Board and/or HEY NHS Trust Board.

Human Tissue Authority
All handling of tissue by the DTB is regulated by the Human Tissue Act 2004. The DTB is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) to store human tissue (licence number 12078) and complies with the HTA Standards as stated in the applicable Codes of Practice. Our latest HTA Inspection Report can be accessed here. Documented procedures are in place for all activities relating to the handling and storage of human tissue including patient consent, confidentiality, handling and disposal of human tissue, contingency arrangements, adverse events, management of records, risk management and staff training.

Confederation of Cancer Biobanks
The DTB is a provisional member of the Confederation of Cancer Biobanks (CCB) and agrees to work to the CCB Guiding Principles for the operation and management of human research biobanks. In accordance with these principles the DTB is committed to maintaining public trust, upholding responsibilities as custodians of donated samples and providing benefit through the provision of samples from donors to researchers.

Daisy Tumour Bank Access Committee
The DTB Access Committee reviews applications from bona fide researchers who wish to apply to use samples stored in the bank for cancer research. The purpose of the Committee is to review proposed research projects to ensure they are of scientific merit with appropriate ethical approval. For further information regarding access to samples for use in cancer research visit our 'Information for Researchers' page.