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Information for Patients

What is the purpose of the Daisy Tumour Bank?
The Daisy Tumour Bank (DTB) is a biobank, a facility to enable collection, storage and use of human blood and tissue (for example skin, bowel, lung or breast) for ethically approved cancer research.

The analysis of tissue and blood samples from patients is essential to further our understanding of cancer biology. Research is important so that we can improve cancer detection and find better treatments for patients with cancer. Medical research would not be possible without the participation of patients who are undergoing treatment within the NHS.

If you would like to donate a sample to help support the work of the DTB, please get in touch or find out more on the Further Information tab.

The DTB would like to create various collections of tissue and blood to enable a wide variety of research to be undertaken. We would like to collect small pieces of tissue which are surplus to diagnostic requirements; these may consist of tumour or normal tissue adjacent to the tumour. We are also interested in blood samples from patients with cancer. 

If you are aged 18 or over and about to undergo a biopsy or surgical procedure at Castle Hill Hospital as part of your treatment, it may be possible for you to donate a small amount of tissue to the DTB. Samples for the bank are collected during routine care; we do not require patients to make additional visits to the hospital.

You can find further information about donating samples to the DTB here, in our Patient Information Sheet . If you are interested in donating tissue or blood samples to the DTB please advise your NHS clinical care team. If you are eligible to donate, a member of the DTB team will contact you to discuss donation and answer any questions you may have.

To donate samples to the DTB you must give your consent using the DTB Consent Form, in addition to consent for your routine treatment. You can view the DTB Consent Form here.

Unfortunately the DTB does not have a presence in all clinics so we cannot guarantee all patients the opportunity to donate. 

If you are interested in donating your body to Hull York Medical School (HYMS) after death, for use in medical research and for teaching medical professionals, visit the HYMS WebPage Donating your body.

The DTB welcomes feedback from patients; please see our Contact Us page to get in touch.

The DTB is licensed to store human tissue by the Human Tissue Authority (licence number 12078), until required for ethically approved cancer research. The DTB is currently accruing sample collections for cancer research.

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